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A one-day seminar to examine the latest developments in the technology and application of unmanned military vehicles
7 December 2010
Bristol Marriott – City Centre, 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3ADVisit the website and book online at: www.imeche.org/events/s1548 Event highlights:
* Hear the MoD’s thoughts on present and future requirements from unmanned military vehicles
* Examine the future of unmanned military vehicles and how technology is furthering their applications
* Event Overview:
Unmanned Military Vehicles (UMVs) is a rapidly developing industry which will play a major role in future military operations. The applications of UMVs is vast, and their labour-saving – and indeed life-saving – functions can include reconnaissance, patrolling, and casualty evacuations. However, as the potential of UMVs develops, procurers will have a better idea of their own requirements and will demand an ever-increasing standard of UMV capability and technology.
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has organised this one-day seminar to examine the latest challenges facing UMV engineers and manufacturers as they seek to meet procurer’s requirements. With presentations from leading UMV manufacturers and military technology companies, this event will provide a comprehensive guide to the immediate and longer-term future for UMVs.
Speakers so far include:
* Lt Col Mark Adams, Assistant Team leader, DE&S Special Projects Search and Countermeasures (SPSCM) Delivery Team, Ministry of Defence
* Kevin Rooney, Managing Director, Remotec UK
* Hisham Awad, GCS Vehicles – Programme Manager, BAE Systems
* Dr Julia C Richardson, Director, Stellar Research Services Ltd
* Andy Wallace, Programme Manager, Marshall SDG Ltd
* Raglan Tribe, Managing Director, Mindsheet
* William Bardo, Technical Director, Systems Engineering for Autonomous Systems Defence Technology Centre (SEAS DTC)

Benefits of attending:
* Improve your understanding of procurer’s requirements for unmanned military vehicles
* Discuss the definition of autonomy in UMVS: what can we do at the moment?
* Deliver UMVs to successfully meet a variety of threats
* Gain an insight into the current and potential applications of unmanned vehicles
* Strike the right balance between technology and human intervention
* Learn more about systems for vehicle navigation, control, obstacle avoidance and decision-making
* Discuss robot development for the dismounted soldier
* Hear about tactical surveillance robots: what is the future?
* Learn from the latest research of SEAS DTC (Systems Engineering For Autonomous Systems Defence Technology Centre)
For further information or sponsorship enquiries contact: Jason Williams on +44 (0)20 7973 1273. Or email j_williams@imeche.org

Apr 10. Military Vehicles Exhibition and Conference
Cobo Convention Center
Detroit, Michigan
August 11-12, 2010
IDGA’s Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference is the new home of the military ground vehicles community. Join the major stakeholders from DoD and military, OEMs, component manufacturers, service providers, and academia for a comprehensive exhibition, program updates, technical education, and networking opportunities – all under one roof!
Contact information:
Erin Gilbert
Marketing Manager

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