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Oct 08. Armed UAS Conference
Needs, Opportunities & Challenges
28 Oct 2008 – 29 Oct 2008
Washington, D.C., United States, Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Alexandria-Historic District
Organisation: TTC – Technology Training Corporation
(Source: ASD Network)

Oct 08. Focusing on the ITAR
Training in Defense Trade Regulatory Requirements and Practices
6 Nov 2008 – 7 Nov 2008. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, New York-New York Hotel & Casino
Organisation: OCR Services

Over 20 Experts from: OSD, STRATCOM, NATO/CF, HQ USAF, Army TRADOC, PEO MS, USAF 3rd SOS, Navy PMA-405, AFRL, Navy PMA-266, BAE Systems, Boeing, Raytheon, Aurora Flight Sciences, SPARTA, Metal Storm, American Dynamics Flight Systems and JHU/APL…
* Emerging Armed UAS Needs & Requirements:
• OSD • STRATCOM • USAF • Army • Navy • NATO
* Over 15 Armed UAS Program Updates: Reaper,Warrior, Hunter, Excalibur, A-160, Fury, nEUROn and more…
* UAS Weaponization Capabilities, Challenges and Enabling Technologies
* The Future of UAS in the Quick Strike and Long Range Missions
* Next-Generation UAS Weapons: Directed Energy, Gun Systems, Missiles and more Armed UAS

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