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With threat of asymmetric attacks on allied forces at a dangerous high, the requirements for Ground Combat Vehicles remain a huge challenge for nations worldwide.

To address those future developments how to overcome those challenges Defence IQ designed a conference to discuss survivability, weapon upgrades and vehicle cooling systems for Ground Combat Vehicles (linkto: www.gcv08.co.uk) taking place in Berlin from 15-17 September 2008.

Confirmed keynote presentations from:
* EDirBWB Heinz-Joachim Wolf, Head of Land Combat Project Division, Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB), German MoD
* Brigadier General Jacques Levet, Chairman & French Army Chief of Staff, NATO Army Armaments Group
* Brigadier General Peter Bayer, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Armour Centre, US Army
* Brigadier General Joseph Martz, Director, Concept Development and Experimentation Directorate, US Army
* German Keynote presentation, confirmed by Bundeswehr, name to be finalised

Hear from the international panel of speakers as they discuss:
* Latest developments in international armour upgrade technologies and munitions programmes, ensuring platforms have the vital balance between survivability, transportability, lethality and maneuverability

* Cutting edge systems integration and Situational Awareness technologies to improve visibility, capability and safety of forces on the ground including insight into the US Army’s Future Combat System (FCS)

* National perspectives and access to senior decision makers and requirements setters from the British Army, US Army, NATO, Spanish and Canadian Armed Forces; understand the challenges and solutions for contemporary forces

* Insights into how operational feedback is being integrated into vehicle design including analysis of the Leopard II, Challenger II, Abrams M1A1, Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the VBCI, Marder 1 A5, Fuchs and M113


17 September 2008-07-22

BAWA, Bristol

Register online:

Download programme and registration form (PDF):

Contact: Martin Pratt
email: m_pratt@imeche.org
Tel: (+44) 020 7973 1261

Platform technology in the 21st century must balance survivability, mobility, ease of transportation and the very latest application of technology.

Procurers demand an ever-increasing standard of military platform in order to meet the challenges of modern-day threats and warfare.

This one-day seminar will update you on the challenges facing engineers seeking to meet procurers’ requirements for future military platforms, and also provide some of the latest solutions to these challenges.

With key presentations by the Ministry of Defence, military platform manufacturers and military technology companies, this event will provide a comprehensive guide to engineering cutting-edge military platforms.


* Hear the MoD’s thoughts on present and future requirements for military vehicle procurement
* Learn more about systems for vehicle navigation, control, obstacle avoidance and decision-making

* Design vehicles to successfully meet a variety of threats

* Choose the perfect materials to balance survivability with mobility and transportation
* Examine the future of autonomous military vehicles
* Discuss hybrid technology in military vehicles
* Analyse the technology of Modular Integrated Survivability on armoured fighting vehicles
* Strike the right balance between technology and human intervention
* Reduce overall weight of vehicles
* Improve efficiency of military platforms

* Learn about recent advances in electronic technology in military platforms
* Debate the outcome of the Grand Challenge
* Meet, greet and network with key industry figures
* Operate at the cutting edge



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