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16 Dec 08. The EADS Board of Directors has adopted a simplified and leaner divisional structure on 12 December within the scope of the “Future EADS” programme. This decision, which will lead to further integration of EADS, consists of two major adjustments.

The Military Transport Aircraft Division (MTAD) will be integrated into Airbus, which will simplify the A400M management and allow an optimized alignment of resources. MTAD will become the military pole of Airbus under the name of Airbus Military; it will keep its current core capabilities to design and certify aircraft, to integrate mission systems on military aircraft, and it will operate the A400M Final Assembly Line. It will also be in charge of all Airbus military derivatives including the tanker and will retain the CN235/C295 programmes. This integration aims at reinforcing the management of Airbus military derivatives programmes, and at maximising synergies with other Airbus functions and entities.

Carlos Suarez, Head of MTAD, will remain a member of the EADS Executive
Committee and become member of the Airbus Executive Committee; he will head Airbus Military and as such will report to Airbus CEO Tom Enders. This adjustment of the divisional structure will reinforce the importance and contribution of the Spanish aerospace industrial capabilities within major
EADS European military programmes.

A coordination of the EADS Astrium and EADS Defence & Security (DS) Divisions will be established. While EADS Astrium and DS both remain full-fledged divisions, their coordination will ensure a consistent approach towards common customers and will foster the development of commercial, technical and strategy synergies.

François Auque, CEO of EADS Astrium, shall personally coordinate Defence, Security and Space activities by delegation of the CEO. Stefan Zoller, Head of the DS Division, will report to François Auque and will remain, as the ther heads of divisions, a member of the EADS Executive Committee.

These steps mark the next milestone within the “Future EADS” programme following the initial decisions that had been presented in mid-November.

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