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12 Nov 10. Cassidian has successfully completed the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) certification process with the result that the SECCOM® Secure Exchange Gateway (SEG) has demonstrated its conformance to the NCOIC Certification Program – Pattern “Secure Formatted Information Exchange Gateway (SFIEG) v. 1.2”. Now SEG is entitled to be called “NCOIC certified Building Block” as first product world-wide. NCOIC patterns provide guidance for designing and building products that lead to interoperability. In this way, customers can assure that products procured from separate companies will work together in days, rather than months or years. The SECCOM® SEG is the flexible solution for secure data exchange between information domains with different security requirements. In cooperation with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Cassidian has developed the SEG for use in high-grade security domains. With the application of filters, it checks and verifies the release of information from one security domain to another, thus implements and enforces a pre-defined security policy applicable for data exchange across domain boundaries. With NCOIC.s .seal of approval. in hand, Cassidian can rightly assert that SECCOM will provide all the capabilities a gateway needs to securely bridge communication gaps that have hindered the deployment of net-centric
systems in the past. To meet the growing need for new solutions and products to face Cyber threats, Cassidian and EADS Innovation Works . EADS central research labs – group their cyber forces in a Cyber Security Customer solutions Centre. There is a strong expert base in the UK, France and Germany to serve the needs of operators of critical IT infrastructure (governments, military organisations, global companies, critical infrastructure operators) and to provide the structure with all the expertise and solutions required to detect and respond to cyber threats.

08 Nov 10. Britain’s Royal Navy was forced to take down its website after it was disrupted by hackers, the Ministry of Defense said on Monday. A message on the website reads: “Unfortunately the Royal Navy website is currently undergoing essential maintenance. Please visit again soon.”
It comes just weeks after the government announced a £650m ($1.05bn) national cyber security programme.
“We can confirm that there was a compromise of the RN web over the weekend,” a Royal Navy spokesman said in a statement.
“There has been no malicious damage; but as a precaution, the RN website has been temporarily suspended. Security teams are investigating.”
It was not clear when the site would be back up and running. (Source: Reuters)

11 Nov 10. Raytheon Company and Cisco announced Thursday a joint effort to both expand the Wounded Warrior Project’s (WWP) education initiatives and support the development of a new cybersecurity training program. The effort will include the expansion of current, multi-tiered information technology training programs with an added focus on developing new cybersecurity training opportunities. Combined, these programs will facilitate the ability of wounded servicemen and women to successfully re-enter the workplace with new skills for the IT and cybersecurity markets. The Wounded Warrior Project is a not-for-profit organization that aims to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded warriors in the nation’s history. Raytheon and Cisco will help WWP extend education programs with expertise, technology and financial resources. These expanded programs will help injured servicemen and women develop new skills for a successful transition to the civilian workforce and pursue opportunities to become cybersecurity professionals for their country. Raytheon’s five-year, $2.5m grant and Cisco’s information technology commitment will support WWP’s education programs, information technology training and employment assistance services, including the Transition Training Aca

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