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05 May 11. IT Security and data protection company Sophos is linked to SBL’s DOBUS system (Data Out-of-Band Update Service). DOBUS is a non-internet reliant, resilient, high-availability and trusted managed service that ensures the secure delivery of patches, fixes, and updates to the entire MoD community. The existing DOBUS service is available FREE of charge to all MoD personnel and systems connected to MoD secure networks. Sophos updates will now be delivered directly and securely from source to SBL’s accredited facility and then onwards to MoD secure networks. This dedicated link eradicates any reliance on the internet and therefore the inherent risks of interference with data, providing a truly secure and trusted source for updates. Since the DOBUS system was introduced by SBL into the MoD in 2003, 21m visitors to the site have been recorded and over 19m patches and updates have been downloaded.
“The requirements of the MoD are unique in that a high level of protection is required but downloads cannot be always made via the usual internet connection,” said Ciaran Rafferty, Vice President, Northern Europe & Middle East and Africa at Sophos. “While the restriction of internet access and permissions prevents threats from websites and links containing malware, it means that the way the Ministry approaches information security is very different to most organisations and the DOBUS system specifically caters for these requirements. We’re delighted to be working with SBL on this project to deliver enhanced protection to the MoD.”
“DIO welcome the addition of Sophos to DOBUS as it enhances our resilience and supports our defence in depth strategy.” said Rob Faith, DE&S Information Systems & Services.

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