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25 Oct 10. IPS, an Italian industry pioneer in cyber security and SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company, today announced a technology partnership between the two companies for the development and delivery of innovative solutions against cybercrime. This collaboration wants to provide country-wide solutions to protect nations from cyber crime, terrorist attacks, hacker activities and social network crimes deriving from using networks. The industrial agreement is based on the platform complementarities, including the IPS GENESI and WebMasterKey solutions produced by IPS company. The IPS GENESI Network Interception and Monitoring Platform represents a solution characterized by high modularity and scalability, providing a flexible and complete lawful interception platform. The design of GENESI provides an effective architecture to acquire, analyze, record and process a large quantity of communication data streams in a centralized manner. WebMasterKey is an innovative system for monitoring the web 2.0 applications, the social network and the web mail.
“This partnership allows SELEX Sistemi Integrati to strengthen its Cyber Security platform as part of our Large Systems Architecture able to satisfy the more complex missions and requirements for Intelligence and Territory Control” said Lorenzo Mariani, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of SELEX Sistemi Integrati. “In this way SELEX Sistemi Integrati confirms furthermore to be a worldwide leader in Homeland Security Large Systems Integrated Solutions.”
“It is great – to be part of an end to end global offering that enriches the Homeland Security & Protection expertise of SELEX Sistemi Integrati with the Cyber Security skill and proprietary platforms of IPS” said Marco Braccioli, Senior Vice President of IPS. “This means the creation of an all in one Italian security Architecture for all the needs and countries in the world to combat Cyber Crime in every kind of Network – Braccioli added.

27 Oct 10. Thales announces the launch of CYBELS (CYBer Expertise for Leading Security), a comprehensive, modular and open-ended solution dedicated to active cyberdefence. Designed to protect critical information systems against cyber threats by anticipating, preventing and rapidly responding to attacks, CYBELS is able to provide a permanent and dynamic risk treatment. This offer confirms Thales’s position as a trusted partner with the capabilities to protect the information and communication systems for both, public and private sectors. In a world that is increasingly relying on information networks and web-based communications, information system security must be more proactive and dynamic in order to detect attacks and provide effective operational responses at the earliest possible stage. To answer these needs, Thales launches CYBELS, a global approach offering the capabilities to protect government administrations and businesses’ the information and communication systems. CYBELS also provides
police and law enforcement agencies with the solutions they need to combat cybercrime and cyberterrorism. CYBELS aims to anticipate and detect cyber threats through permanent hypervision of the most critical systems in order to provide realtime operational solutions to deal with risks. Thales’s offer consists of equipments and resources allowing the detection, analysis and the reaction to fight all types of current and potential future cyber attacks (such as virus, disinformation, denial-of-service, destabilisation, destruction, defacement, information/data theft, etc.). Thales CYBELS offer relies on a permanent operations cybersecurity centre, which provides 24/7 supervision of the information systems and also detects and responds to cyber attacks. This modular solution can be adapted to any particular needs and interfaced with existing systems.

27 Oct 10. Should the U.S. president retain authority to shut down parts of the Internet in the event of a serious cyber attack on the United S

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