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06 Aug 11. Bolivia is set to install a radar security system on its border to better monitor its airspace and fight drug trafficking.
Interior Minister Sacha Llorenti said that the system would involve radars and unmanned aerial drones. It will be matched with similar schemes on the Brazilian and Argentine sides of the border. The Bolivian border stretches to be air surveyed are Bolebra (a geographical point shared by Brazil, Bolivia and Peru) and the common geographical area of Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. The Drone operations “should provide Bolivian authorities precise data on those aircraft crossing or flying Bolivian air space and which could be involved in illicit operations related to drugs, contraband or other crimes”. Chimoré in the heart of Bolivia and an area famous for its coke plantations will be hub of the air surveying operations and will be responsible for the processing of all the technological information to be shared with Brazil. Argentina recently announcing the installation of a similar radar system accompanied by fighter jets. (Source: UNMANNED/UAV News)

15 Aug 11. NJVC®, one of the largest information technology solutions (IT) providers supporting the Department of Defense, announces its
lineup for the DISA Customer and Industry Forum 2011, Aug. 15 – 18 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore. NJVC will provide two live demonstrations for attendees: Cyber Dashboard – Learn how NJVC clients have benefited from this inexpensive yet highly effective cyber tool that provides customizable, real-time situational awareness visualization across an entire IT enterprise. Persistent Desktop Instance™ – Discover NJVC’s new service—PDI— a virtual desktop available from “thick” clients (desktops or laptops), thin/zero client devices and mobile devices. PDI provides users access to a single workstation containing their documents and installed software, regardless of the viewing client or location. PDI provides a “disconnect and resume” capability giving users agility of “computing on the go.” (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

08 Aug 11. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta whipped up the cyber-threat Friday during his get-acquainted visit to Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base, home of the U.S. Strategic Command. “We could face a cyber attack that could be the equivalent of Pearl Harbor,” he said. Such an attack, Panetta warned, could “take down our power grid system, take down our financial systems in this country, take down our government systems, take down our banking systems. They could virtually paralyze this country. We have to be prepared to deal with that.” The whole debate over cyber war is getting really interesting. The ratio of scaremongers to calm logic — currently about a 2-to-1 edge in favor of the Jules Verne crowd — is reflected in a trio of major stories on the topic recently. (Source: TIME.com)

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