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07 Jan 12. Symantec Corp, the top maker of security software, said hackers had exposed a chunk of its source code, which is essentially the blueprint for its products, potentially giving rivals some insight into the company’s technology. The developer of the popular Norton antivirus software said the hackers stole the code from a third party and that the company’s own network had not been breached, nor had any customer information been affected. The software maker would not confirm the claim of a group called the Lords of Dharmaraja, who said that they had obtained Symantec’s source code by hacking the Indian military. Some governments ask their security vendors to provide their source code to ensure there is nothing in the code that could act as spyware, said Rob Rachwald, director of security strategy at data security firm Imperva. Microsoft Corp, for example, in 2003 began allowing governments including Russia and international organizations such as NATO to look at the source code for its Windows operating system to dispel rumors that it had a secret “back door” built in to let the U.S. government spy on its users. (Source: Reuters)

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