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09 Jan 12. GKN Aerospace has been awarded a GBP 2m, five year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for its latest Mark 5 Air Portable Fuel
Containers (APFCs). These are being used to transport fuel to inaccessible points such as forward airstrips, helicopter landing zones and forward operational areas. Deliveries are underway and these items are now in service in Afghanistan.

10 Jan 12. Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems of Coventry will be supplying
fire suppression systems for the forthcoming Foxhound/Ocelot® Light
Protected Patrol Vehicle to be used by the British Army. Working with Force Protection Europe, which is building the new Foxhound/Ocelot®
LPPV for the MOD, Lifeline has designed two systems which protect the
occupants and engine bay of the vehicle in the event of fire. A 2-unit
2.25kg Zero 360® extinguisher system protects the engine bay and a 2.25kg
Zero 360® unit ensures protection for the crew area. This unique gaseous
compression discharge system, adapted from an off-the-shelf Lifeline
motorsport version, deploys automatically in less than 60 milliseconds from the first detection of fire, using UV and IR detection techniques.


30 Dec 12. NAVAIR funds EMALS studies for UK carrier. General Atomics has
been awarded a USD17.4m contract by the US Naval Air Systems Command
(NAVAIR) to provide engineering services in support of the development of
the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting
Gear (AAG) configurations for the UK’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft
carrier programme. The UK Aircraft Carrier Alliance – comprising Babcock,
BAE Systems, Thales and the Ministry of Defence – is currently undertaking an 18-month Conversion Development Phase to adapt the baseline short take-off and landing design for F-35C carrier variant (CV) operations.
(Source: Jane’s, IDR)

09 Jan 12. The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), acting on behalf of three naval training centres in Denmark, has chosen Kongsberg Maritime to supply sophisticated new bridge simulation facilities. The contract, which was signed in Ballerup, Denmark on 14th December 2011, was awarded to Kongsberg Maritime as part of a public tender issued to support the Royal Danish Navy’s training capabilities through advanced simulation technology. The contract includes a main delivery to the Danish Home Guard School (Marinehjemmeværnssektionen Slipshavn) of four (with the option of additional four) DNV Class B Part Task Bridge Simulators with instructor & debrief stations and integration with real vessel equipment for enhanced physical realism. It also includes delivery of Royal Danish Navy vessel models and exercise areas relevant to specific training needs, mostly covering Danish and surrounding waters.


03 Jan 12. Spain commits to AB 212 upgrade. The Spanish Navy’s head of
logistics finally signed off on a life-extension upgrade programme for the service’s fleet of seven AB 212 helicopters at the end of December, having agreed the programme in principle back in July 2011. The upgrade work has been allocated to a temporary joint venture formed by SENER Ingenieria y Sistemas and INAER Maintenance and is intended to keep the aircraft in service for another 15 years, by which time they will have been operationalfor around half a century. (Source: Jane’s, IDR)

12 Jan 12. France has renewed with Thales a 10-year service contract for an undisclosed sum to support electronic equipment on the Rafale fighter, the company said in a Jan. 10 statement. The fixed-price contract includes a power-by-the-hour feature, with an agreed price for guaranteed availability of the equipment, a Thales spokeswoman said. (Source: Defense News)

12 Jan 12. Sagem (Safran group) signed a contract with SIMMAD to provide life-cycle supportfor the STRIX turret-mounted, gyro stabilized observation and sighting systems on Tiger HAP combat and fire support helicopters deployed by

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