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16 Jun 11. API Technologies Corp. was awarded a contract valued at $2.5m USD to provide secure communications equipment to a UK Government user for use in static and mobile environments. API’s UK subsidiary,
Secure Systems & Technologies won the order, which will be designed and manufactured in the Company’s Gloucester, UK facility. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)

14 Jun 11. Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) has been awarded a contract from the United Kingdom’s MoD for software that will use predictive reasoning and pattern-analysis to improve situational awareness for British warfighters in a number of locations around the world. (Source: BUSINESS WIRE)

14 Jun 11. American Science and Engineering, Inc. received an order from NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) for its first Z Backscatter™ Van (ZBV™) X-ray screening system. NATO will add the ZBV, a highly mobile screening system, to its comprehensive arsenal of AS&E cargo, vehicle, parcel, and personnel screening systems currently deployed at checkpoints. NATO has successfully deployed AS&E’s OmniView™ Gantry, Z Portal®, SmartCheck®, and Gemini™ systems at multiple checkpoints.

15 Jun 11. Vectronix AG, a leading manufacturer of handheld range finding and night vision equipment has been awarded a continuative contract by the Thales Prime Contract Management Office (PCMO) to supply an additional quantity of 1400 MOSKITO multi-function target acquisition units to the Ministry of Defence under the UK soldier modernization program FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology). This order increases the total quantity of MOSKITOs now to be delivered under this programme to over 4000 units. MOSKITO will be utilized as the new Commander’s Target Locator (CTL). The unique multi-function device combines all essential day and night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions into one compact and user friendly device weighing less than 1.2kg, including its commercially available batteries. Vectronix has been working closely with Thales PCMO and the MoD for the past several years to provide an integrated solution meeting the requirements of this important customer.


20 Jun 11. Latest Astute class weapons systems ordered. Babcock has recently received the full contract to deliver its weapon handling and launch system (WHLS) for the fifth Astute class submarine new generation nuclear powered attack (SSN) submarine. The system is the first on a UK Royal Navy submarine to use Babcock’s advanced air turbine pump and programmable firing valve technology, with a number of important advantages. Babcock has designed and supplied the WHLS for the first four Astute class boats (Astute, Ambush, Artful and Audacious) under earlier contracts. The latest contract for WHLS equipment for boat 5 follows an earlier contract for the long-lead items, and is accompanied by a long-lead items contract for boat 6. The Astute class WHLS comprises more than 20,000 components, it is capable of carrying more torpedoes and tube-launched missiles than any previous class of RN submarine, and is smaller, quieter, and more flexible, optimising firing profiles for the range of weapon types that the system can carry.

15 Jun 11. The French DGA awarded a contract to the MILPRO Division of Zodiac International for 20 multi-purpose commando RIBs (ECUME) and four air delivery systems. Negotiations for the new contract opened with Zodiac in 2009 when the existing French Navy RIBs (ETRACO) were approaching the end of their working life and were becoming unsuitable for modern fleet requirements. The contract had originally been won in 2006 by an overseas competitor whose prototype had failed DGA and Navy commando tests and had resulted in the contract being cancelled in 2008. The new contract was awarded under European procurement procedures to guarantee stringent and transparent selection processes that take account of all technical, financial, management and delivery cr

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