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18 Mar 11. AmSafe® Industries, Inc. today announced the award of a contract worth £2.6m from the UK MoD for AmSafe’s innovative rocket propelled grenade (RPG) protection system, Tarian™ QuickShield. Developed and manufactured at AmSafe’s operation in Bridport, Tarian QuickShield is a lightweight textile net that is used to replace damaged or missing bar armour. The QuickShield kit can be easily stowed in the vehicle; when needed, it can be immediately fitted in replacement of damaged bar armour. Tarian QuickShield provides continuing protection to the vehicle and its crew without mission disruption.

10 Mar 11. Harris Corporation received $11m in orders from the French Procurement Agency (Direction Generale de l’Armement – DGA) for Falcon III® multiband manpack and handheld tactical radios – further expanding the adoption of the company’s next-generation radio technology by international military forces. Under the orders, Harris will provide French forces with its AN/PRC-117G) wideband networking radios, associated AN/VRC-114 vehicular amplifier adapters and other accessories. The AN/PRC-117G provides mobile ad-hoc networking to both dismounted and vehicular users. The first deployment will be to French forces in Afghanistan in support of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) for interoperability with other coalition members. France is the fifth country, including the United States, to adopt the AN/PRC-117G to provide next-generation wideband networking communication capabilities. France has also acquired Harris’ Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) tactical handheld radio systems. The AN/PRC-152(C) is the most widely deployed Software Communications Architecture-compliant handheld radio, with more than 130,000 units deployed around the world.

16 Mar 11. The UK MoD selected the NGRAIN virtual task trainer (VTT) to support training for the BAE SA80 assault rifle. The solution will be designed to increase soldier performance and proficiency and to reduce overall training costs for the programme. The trainer will also help UK MoD accelerate learning and improve performance of critical maintenance and repair procedures. The company’s channel partner PulseLearning will deploy the 3D equipment simulations for the UK Army on the army learning management system and as a mobile application. The SA80 is currently used by the British Army during conflict missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Source: armytechnology.com)

04 Mar 11. Roxel, the Anglo-French missile propulsion company, received in December an order from Lockheed Martin for a first batch of 258 rocket motors for GMLRS, known in French as the Lance-Roquette Unitaire (LRU), said Françis Rodriguez, Roxel vice president for sales and business development. (Source: Defense News)

11 Mar 11. Saab received a significant order for ammunition to the
Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. The order amounts to MSEK 1155. The order comprises the production of anti-armor ammunition to the Carl-Gustaf system. Delivery will start in September 2011 and continue throughout 2012. The contract also includes an option that can give further orders for up to approximately MSEK 500, with deliveries in 2013. Production will take place in Karlskoga, Sweden.


07 Mar 11. DCNS, through the EUROTORP consortium, wins the MU90 lightweight torpedo maintenance contract. This contract, worth about €20m, signed with the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the French defence procurement agency, covers in-service support (ISS) of French Navy MU90 torpedoes for four years. In addition to the maintenance of the torpedoes, this contract covers the maintenance of the associated test benches and tools, along with the supply of services relating to exercise firings of the MU90 torpedo. These exercises are conducted by the French Navy in the Mediterranean: the services include the preparation, recovery, analysis and reconditioning of the torpedo and the associated suppor

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