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07 Mar 11. ThalesRaytheonSystems has received a twenty seven month, $20m award to continue its work on Switzerland’s air defense system, known as FLORAKO (FLORES, RALUS, KOMSYS). Under this framework contract, ThalesRaytheonSystems will provide ongoing support and software upgrades for the FLORAKO system. The FLORAKO air defense system, designed by ThalesRaytheonSystems, is one of the most advanced command and control systems of its kind. FLORAKO is comprised of several subsystems, including the Link 16 subsystem, which work together to provide one of the most comprehensive air command and control systems deployed today. FLORAKO is one of the few systems capable of correlating civilian and military data feeds in real time, enhancing the quality of the airspace picture and decision-making times for operators. The FLORAKO air defense system has been fully operational since early 2004.


03 Mar 11. Germany, Finland and Peru all order Rheinmetall naval countermeasure system. To protect their fleets from missile attacks, the navies of Peru, Finland and Germany have all ordered MASS, Rheinmetall’s “Multi Ammunition Softkill System”, a state-of-the-art decoy system for protecting frigates, corvettes, minesweepers and patrol craft. In winning these three orders, MASS has once again outclassed its international rivals as well as gaining a foothold in the South American market. The three orders are worth a total of approximately €15.5m. As part of a comprehensive modernization of its LUPO-class frigates, the Peruvian Navy has placed an order with Rheinmetall Defence initially to equip two ships with the MASS naval countermeasure system. The contract also includes an option for equipping two more frigates of this class within the next two years. The German Navy has awarded Rheinmetall with another follow-on order for equipping its minesweepers with MASS, reflecting the great emphasis Germany places on force protection. Following immediate retrofitting in 2008 of two countermine vessels in response to an urgent operational requirement (UNIFIL), two more vessels of the same class were equipped with MASS in 2009. Under the current order, two more countermine vessels will be equipped with a MASS two-launcher configuration with integrated detection unit. The Finnish Navy, opting once again for MASS, has contracted with Rheinmetall Defence to retrofit six RAUMA-class missile boats. In 2002, Finland – the system’s pilot customer – had its Hamina-class fast attack craft outfitted with MASS technology. Since its market launch in 2002, customers around the globe have ordered no fewer than 172 launcher units.

04 Mar 11. TRS Prime, a subsidiary of ThalesRaytheonSystems was awarded a contract by the NATO ACCS Management Agency (NACMA) for enhancements to the NATO Air Command and Control System as part of the Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence programme1 being developed for the protection of deployed troops inside and outside of NATO Territory. The Air Command and Control System Theatre Missile Defence 1 Initial Operational Capability (ACCS TMD1 IOC) programme is for the Preliminary System Definition phase. It will be followed by a second phase consisting of the development, integration and testing of two increments leading to an Initial Operational Capability. TRS Prime will lead an industrial team of 11 partners to enhance the ACCS LOC1 programme adding Ballistic Missile Defence functionalities within its deployable entities3.


08 Mar 11. AgustaWestland awarded £76m Lynx Wildcat Training Facility contract. AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to design and develop an integrated training solution which includes the building and equipping of a new modern training centre for the AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter. The state-of-the-art training centre will be located at RNAS Yeovilton in South West England, alo

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