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15 Dec 10. BAE Systems has won a contract worth £5.5m for the 105mm infra-red artillery shell Luma IR from the UK’s MoD. Series production starts immediately and the 4000 rounds will be delivered during 2010 and 2011. Final assembly will be at BAE Systems’ Weapons business facilities in Karlskoga, Sweden. Orders for further quantities could follow. Luma IR can be fired from the 105mm Light Gun, currently in service with UK forces in Afghanistan. The order is separate from the long-term partnering contract for the supply of munitions signed between BAE Systems’ UK Munitions business and the MoD in August 2008. However, a 155mm carrier round is being developed under this agreement and the Luma IR payload could form part of that family. The first carrier payloads, which will include white light, smoke, and potentially sensor payloads, will be ready for qualification in early 2012. BAE Systems already supplies an 81mm mortar infra-red round to the UK MoD.

03 Dec 10. Future Logistics Information System (FLIS): Contract Signature
The Defence Equipment Minister announced (3 Dec 10) signature of a contract with Boeing Defence UK “for the future delivery of Operationally essential logistics information across Defence”. The new contractual arrangement has been developed through the FLIS project and represents a considerable improvement in the quality of logistics information available to the Armed Forces. Under FLIS, Boeing Defence UK has been appointed as the single contractor, at a cost of £800m over 11 years, to deliver MoD logistics information.
Comment: FLIS is replacing some 120 former contracts, serviced by 50 different contractors and involving a large ‘in house’ contribution. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/48, 13 Dec 10)

13 Dec 10. The Czech Defence Ministry has concluded a contract with VOP Sternberk to purchase mortars and global positioning systems receivers, and undertake the maintenance of Pandur armoured personnel carriers in Afghanistan. The ministry will spend CZK67m ($3.5m) on 540 GPS units for individual soldiers in foreign missions and CZK13m ($685,336) for the maintenance of the four military vehicles. The ministry will also buy eight sets of Antos-LR mortars worth CZK10.66m ($579,900), along with accessories, ammunition and spare parts. The mortars will be delivered by the end of July 2011, according to the Czech News Agency. (Source: armytechnology.com)

14 Dec 10. Otokar was awarded a $30m contract from abroad. The contract is for COBRA armoured tactical vehicle, APV armoured tactical vehicle and 4×4 soft skinned tactical vehicles including spare parts and training. Delivery is scheduled to be in 6 months.

14 Dec 10. The UK MoD has awarded a two year contract to Smiths Detection for providing in-service support of the integrated biological detection system (IBDS). The £7.8m ($11.8m) contract involves the procurement, storage and management of components essential to the biological testing process in the advanced technology system. The IBDS provides early warning of a biological warfare agent attack to battlefield troops and can be readily transported by air or mounted on a vehicle. The system includes a detection suite with atmospheric sampling equipment, a meteorological station, NBC filtration, and environmental control for use in all climates. Smiths Detection is the provider of government regulated security systems and provides solutions to protect, detect and respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) threats. (Source: armytechnology.com)

14 Dec 10. Smiths Detection announced a contract to supply more than 550 LCD (Lightweight Chemical Detectors) 3.3s to the German Armed Forces. The contract, a follow-on from previous orders of almost 600 LCD units since 2007, also includes consumables and accessories. (Source: ASD Network)


14 Dec 10. ITT Corporation has won a contract from the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organiza

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