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18 Oct 10. Saab received an order from the UK MoD to provide Counter-IED (Counter-Improvised Explosive Device*) training for the British Army in the UK and abroad. The duration of the contract is 1 year and the order sum amounts to approximately MSEK 120 (app. £ 11m). Saab will employ its newly developed instrumented training system called ATES C-IED to deliver the training. ATES C-IED is a fully instrumented tactical engagement system developed to meet the training needs of current and future improvised explosive devices threats and the wider aspects of counter insurgency. Saab will provide a managed training service with field teams comprising subject matter experts to support the use of ATES C-IED and delivery of post-action analysis. The system supports the rapid adaptation of TTP:s (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) and equipment necessary for units to remain “steps ahead” of potential adversaries.

21 Oct 10. The French defence procurement agency, DGA, has selected Sagem as the prime contractor for the réseau d’information du fantassin de nouvelle génération (RIF-NG), the radio communication and information system for warfighters using the FELIN equipment suite. The RIF-NG new-generation soldier information network is developed to provide new services including radio relay, encryption and transmission protection. The RIF-NG will be available in three configurations to ensure continuous
communications between soldiers and vehicles for mounted and dismounted
operations. The system will equip troops and vehicles in all French army infantry units, and the infantry units equipped with the FELIN system will have their individual RIF radios upgraded to the RIF-NG standard.
An initial amount of €25m was awarded and deliveries are scheduled to start in 2013. The RIF-NG programme, part of the French Army’s digital battlefield initiative, is worth €87m. (Source: armytechnology.com)


18 Oct 10. Cohort’s wholly-owned subsidiary SEA has secured a €5m contract to design and build the Atmospheric Lidar (ATLID) Command and Data Management unit, part of the ATLID instrument to be flown on the EarthCARE spacecraft in 2013. The ATLID instrument measures the reflected signals from an ultraviolet laser to determine the chemical constituents of the atmosphere. SEA’s customer is the instrument prime contractor, EADS Astrium SAS in Toulouse. The EarthCARE satellite is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and is the third ESA Earth Explorer core mission.

18 Oct 10. DCNS wins EU funding for maritime safety R&D. Improved maritime surveillance is a major challenge for European Union member states. In support of research in this important area, the European Commission has selected the I2C project led by DCNS supported by 20 European partners. Using a demonstration system currently under development, DCNS plans to prove that the concept meets EU security challenges in the Mediterranean. The I2C European research & technology demonstration (RTD) project will last four years. The aim is to determine the feasibility of deploying a regional maritime surveillance and offender detection system. The demonstration system set up by DCNS and its partners on the SESDA coastal platform at Saint Mandrier and at two French operations centres for the Mediterranean will be used to study, develop and deploy this highly operational surveillance system. The system will be able to detect – in real time, under all weather conditions and over a maritime domain extending up to 400 km from the coast – abnormal behaviour by both cooperating and non-cooperating vessels. The types of behaviour warranting attention include abnormally high or low speeds, standing still on the high seas, ships alongside each other and sudden changes of heading.



19 Oct 10. Agilent Technologies Inc. has been awarded a $35m contract by the U.S. Army. Under the terms of the contract, Agilent will deliver up to 1,600 MXG microwave

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