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25 Aug 10. General Dynamics European Land Systems was recently awarded two additional contracts with the German Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) for the delivery of 70 highly protected EAGLE vehicles. Sixty (60) of the new vehicles will be added to the regular fleet of
protected wheeled vehicles in the Bundeswehr, while ten (10) of the new EAGLE IV vehicles will be deployed to support the German Federal Police in Afghanistan. These two orders, signed in April and
July, will increase the German EAGLE IV fleet to a total number of 288 vehicles. Within the framework of the “GFF Klasse 2” program – protected Command and Function vehicles – unprotected carrier vehicles of the Bundeswehr are being replaced by the EAGLE IV to enhance the safety of German soldiers wherever they may serve. Due to its high deployability, agility and tactical mobility, the EAGLE IV is suitable for the entire mission spectrum for this class of vehicles. The EAGLE IV can be used for various missions by applying modular add-on kits. Furthermore, the substantial payload capability – which is significant, despite the high level of crew protection – supports the growth potential required to fulfill future requirements. The first contract for the delivery of 198 EAGLE was signed with the BWB in November 2008, following a two-year intensive comparative test. By May 2009 the first vehicles were delivered and deployed in Afghanistan, where they proved their outstanding reliability from the beginning of their active service. The delivery of the first 198 vehicles to the Bundeswehr will be completed in September 2010, three months ahead of the contractual delivery schedule.


23 Aug 10. Babcock wins aerial delivery system contract. Babcock has been awarded a post-design support contract by the UK Ministry of Defence for the Small Boat Aerial Delivery System (SBADS) that the company is currently delivering under an earlier, competitively-won contract. Babcock is currently delivering 186 units of its innovative aerial drop system, SBADS, to the MoD. The system has been designed by Babcock’s Integrated Technology team to deliver small rigid and inflatable hulled boats safely to the ocean from military transport aircraft. It was selected by the MoD after competitive trials, in which it out-performed other air-drop system solutions. The modular system features a novel deceleration mechanism that can be adjusted to control deceleration rates on impact with the water, to avoid damage to the payload on landing. A unique, patented, twin V-form flexible sheet provides low deceleration and hence low landing forces initially, and then higher deceleration to prevent payload submersion.


20 Aug 10. The UK Ministry of Defence has accepted the first 28 Honeywell T55-L-714A engines and fielding kits for Chinook helicopters that will operate in Afghanistan. The upgraded engines, worth $185m, are capable of increasing power by 17% and reducing fuel consumption by nearly 5%. (Source: airforcetechnology.com)

24 Aug 10. The United Kingdom’s MoD awarded Lockheed Martin a $5.1m contract for additional Desert Hawk III unmanned aircraft vehicles. Desert Hawk III’s improved payloads maximize target detection and recognition by providing 360-degree — daytime and nighttime — coverage in a common turret package. These latest generation payloads also include a Lockheed Martin-developed navigation system that delivers more refined target position information and superior image stability to the troops. Awarded by the MoD’s Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) organization, the latest contract calls for Lockheed Martin to deliver the Desert Hawk III air vehicles — which as a result of ongoing obsolescence management and technology advancements in this area feature enhanced 360-degree infrared and 360-degree, 10-times zoom electro optics — by Fall 2010.

19 Aug 10. Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded a contract by EADS Defen

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