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21 Jun 10. Astrium Services’ Secure Satcom Systems division has been awarded a contract worth £2m to provide technical support for the shipborne communications terminals (SCOTMission) onboard the Royal Navy’s (RN) latest class of Destroyers. Secure Satcom Systems will provide a full range of specialised expertise and high-level satcom maintenance for the RN’s fleet of Type 45 Destroyers. This will provide the RN with 24/7 technical support and worldwide field service engineering, designed to deliver optimised system availability. The SCOTMission communications terminals, designed and manufactured by Secure Satcom Systems, provide high data rate broadband transmission and reception of naval operational communications with uninterrupted operation under the most adverse weather and sea conditions. This includes voice, fax, command and support data, imagery, Internet, e-mail, broadcast and welfare services. SCOTMission terminals have a unique three-axis, fully balanced and stabilised antenna system and are configured according to specific user requirements. SCOTMission has been procured by 11 navies worldwide and has been fitted to over 140 ships.

15 Jun 10. Astute Class Submarines: Further Contracts. The Defence Equipment Minister said (15 Jun 10) that contracts for the initial build of Astute Boat 5 were awarded in March 2010 following the placing of contracts for long lead items in December 2007. Boat 6 contracts for long lead items were also awarded in March 2010. The Astute programme remains as “being re-baselined, so the delivery timetable can only be confirmed once detailed joint planning and cost analysis work has been completed”.
Comment: The MoD magazine ‘Desider’ (April/May 2010) reported the start of build work on Boat 5 and that she is to be named AGAMEMNON. Limited work has started on the reactor core for Boat 7. On current plans, Astute Boat 7 will complete the SSN Class. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/24, 21 June 09)

25 Jun 10. Oxley Developments has been awarded a contract by Northrop Grumman Corporation to provide detailed engineering1 of LED navigation and signal lights for the two new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers currently under construction for the Royal Navy. Under the contract, awarded by Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, Oxley will provide engineering services for the ships’ navigation and signaling lights, including sidelights, stern light, anchor light, manoeuvring lights and warning signals. The scope of work encompasses 11 different light specifications. LED technology will be implemented throughout, ensuring high reliability, low maintenance and reduced electrical load power requirements resulting in low through-life costs. The lights will meet COLREGs (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), and will be Oxley NVG Friendly™, which means they will be suitable for night operations with Night Vision Goggles.

23 Jun 10. The Finnish Minister of Defence has on 23 June 2010
authorised the Finnish Navy to sign a contract with Patria concerning upgrade of Rauma Class Fast Attack Crafts built in the beginning 1990. The contract will be signed on 30 June 2010. The total worth of the contract is EUR 64.7m. (Source: ASD Network)

16 Jun 10. SELEX Galileo has been awarded a first contract by the Italian Navy, Marina Militare, for the supply of electro-optical naval Janus turrets, derived from the well known Janus sensor for land applications. The naval Janus will equip Italian Navy’s patrol boats operating in the Mediterranean in illegal immigration control missions. Janus features outstanding day and night long-range detection, identification, and mission recording. The contract also includes a simplified human-machine interface console with display and controls to remotely operate the multi-sensor turret. SELEX Galileo was recently awarded contracts to supply surveillance electro-optical systems; fix (NEMO) and portable (LINX) for a North

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