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15 Oct 08. BMT Reliability Consultants Ltd, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has been awarded a contract by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to assist Swedish Forces in managing the in-service performance of complex equipment. The contract builds on earlier work carried out for the Swedish military by BMT Reliability Consultants using its proprietary equipment management information system, RAMtr@ck. RAMtr@ck is a web-enabled system that harnesses the benefits of latest technology to deliver a unique service to defence procurement agencies, their customers and suppliers. The system is a user-friendly electronic data repository, which enables operators and maintainers to record in real-time the reliability and availability of their equipment. The ease with which RAMtr@ck can provide feedback on the performance of equipment is a particular benefit of the system. The use of a web-enabled tool makes it possible for all stakeholders involved in the procurement, operation and support of the equipment to have regular feedback on equipment performance wherever they may be. By delivering total visibility of equipment performance, specific areas of weakness can be quickly identified, enabling corrective action to be taken without unnecessary delay. RAMtr@ck is also in use by the UK Ministry of Defence to support its Maritime Training Systems.

19 Aug 08. ITT Corporation’s Night Vision business was awarded a $23m contract by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) for Head-Mounted Night Vision Systems (HMNVS). Through the agreement, Roanoke, Va.-based ITT Night Vision will continue to equip the U.K. military with the HMNVS and provide in-support services. The HMNVS contract is ITT’s second from the U.K. MoD. ITT was awarded the initial HMNVS contract in 2002 to provide a continuous supply of HMNVS and Contractor Logistics Support (CLS). Under the initial contract, the Roanoke-based facility provided the systems and the Contractor Logistic Support. In 2005, ITT Night Vision began working closely with their sister division, U.K. Defence Ltd, to provide expedited, in-country maintenance for quicker repairs. The Roanoke-based facility will continue to provide the units, and ITT Defence, Ltd., will provide maintenance support.


14 Oct 08. Patria has delivered two Helsinki-class missile boats to the Croatian Navy on October 13, 2008. The boats have been used by the Finnish Navy. The boat class was removed from service as it reached the end of its lifespan and the renovation was not considered expedient. The missile boats called Kotka and Oulu will be loaded in Turku onboard a ship transporting them to Croatia. According to the contract signed in July 2008 Patria also trains the Croatian crew. Additionally Patria pursues maintenance of the boats. Patria is a strategic partner for the Finnish Navy and has maintained their diesel engines since 1964. (Source: ASD Network)


Oct 08. Atlantic Inertial Systems (AIS) has received a production order from Diehl BGT Defence GmbH worth circa $3m, for the second batch of its SiARS Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Inertial measurement Unit for the US/German Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM). AIS has been involved in this programme for a number of years and anticipates receiving annual production orders into the next decade.

Oct 08. Devon-based software company DT Media has struck a further deal with the German Air Force following the successful introduction of its Insight Recognition* software, aimed at reducing the risk of ‘friendly fire’ in battle. DT Media supplies bespoke training, simulation and animation software products including the Insight Recognition Training System which provides multi-spectral interactive imagery in a SCORM®-compliant distributive training format, using innovative recognition training techniques. DT Media’s Insight software has been so successful at the German Air Force School of P

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