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02 Sep 10. Marshall Land Systems Ltd, the land systems arm of Marshall of Cambridge Holdings, is establishing Marshall Land Systems Pty Limited in Australia to service the growing demand for the company’s solutions in the Asia Pacific region. The move follows a positive assessment of the levels of business that it expects to generate and to support existing business in Australia and the wider region. At the start the company will support existing projects and then move on to support future projects. The company will have manufacturing and customer capability support functions including design and supply network management capability. The new company will initially feed off the world class capability of its UK based activities, but there will be a planned migration of skills to the new company to increase the overall capacity of Marshall Land Systems. The increased capacity will allow Marshall Land Systems to better service the world markets it is operating in. In particular the new company will look at the Protected Workspace and Protected Logistics military markets.
Peter Callaghan the Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems said. “We are setting up Marshall Land Systems Pty Limited because we can see a profitable and sustainable future for it in the short and long term. The way that Marshall Land Systems, and indeed the whole of the Marshall Group, operates is to identify specific areas of operation and commit to them for the long term as illustrated by Marshall Aerospace’s support to the RAAF and it’s C-130 programme. We see this as evidence of our support to our Defence and Prime Contractor Customers throughout Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region and to the concept of Australian Industry Capability.”
“We have already identified a number of projects we are working on as well as partners, such as Tectonica Australia Pty Ltd that we are working with. We are working with State governments to identify the best site for the company to operate its manufacturing and maintenance facility. The initial operating office is expected to be close to DMO (Defence Material Organisation), possibly co-located with Tectonica” he added.

26 Aug 10. Tel Instrument Electronics Corp. sustained a net loss of approximately $275,000 in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011. Sales in the first quarter increased to $2,455,280, an increase of $113,081
(4.8%) over the same period in the prior fiscal year. Further sales increases for this quarter were held back by production delays and the timing of the receipt of export licenses. However, the units not shipped in the first quarter are expected to be shipped in the balance of this fiscal year in addition to the units originally scheduled for shipment later in the year. As predicted, operating expenses in the first quarter declined by approximately $240,000, or 14%, over the same period in the prior year primarily as a result of lower engineering costs due to two of the three key Company products nearing the completion of development. Both of these key new products are currently undergoing evaluation by the U.S. Navy. The Company believes that both products will be successfully evaluated and that upon successful completion of the evaluation, the Navy will exercise the remaining production options for the CRAFT AN/USM-708, and will allow the Company to begin production of the order for 102 units of the ITATS AN/ARM-206 already received. The Company has also received a total of $17m of delivery orders from the U.S. Army for the TS-4530A program, and the Company expects to begin shipping the qualification units by the end of the calendar year, which the Army will use for testing and evaluation. Also in July 2010, the Company received an additional order for 160 AN/USM-708 pilot production units with a contract value of $3.6m. Shipment of these units is scheduled to begin in September 2010. As a result of the foregoing, as well as projected sales of other products, the Company anticip

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