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We have three Candidates this year for the Annual BATTLESPACE Businessman of the Year Award.

Jeffrey Q. Palombo, Sector Vice President and, Division General Manager, Land and Self Protection Systems Division, Electronic Systems sector, Northrop Grumman Corporation.

“I learned from an early age that senior people have to spend time with their staff and customers not only to understand their wishes and desires, but also to share experiences. In the case of our customers the key is to give the customer what he or she wants, not to provide a system because you think it is the right solution.”

To vote for Jeff Palombo send us an email to Jeff@battle-technology.com

John Fulford, Manafging Dierctor Dytecna Ltd.

“The future development of the business will rely on our ability to rapidly develop our product capability and establish a network of vendor relationships throughout the world to sell and support these products. We are confident that we now have a strategy to develop and release products that meet domestic requirements in a better way than we have done traditionally and this will allow us to meet the expectations of growth that we place upon ourselves.”

To vote for John Fulford send us an email to John@battle-technology.com

Peter Callaghan, CEO of Marshall Land Systems, a subsidiary of Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Limited.

“I found a somewhat unconnected and expensive Company that was not listening to its customers. Thus my first job was to reposition the management to discover what the customer wanted rather than force them to accept a design or system they did not require. My next job was to streamline the workforce, bring in Project Managers and reduce costs. The next stage was to divide, what was then a disparate group of capabilities, into managed segments.”

To vote for Peter Callaghan send us an email to Peter@battle-technology.com

The Award will be made at the Spy Museum Washington DC on October 11th

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