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02 Mar 08. Iran: Foreign Affairs Committee Report. The Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) published (2 Mar 08) a Report on Global Security: Iran. The Report is divided between: Iran’s Nuclear Programme; The Regional Dimension; The Domestic Dimension and Options for the International Community.
Comment: In the words of the FAC’s Chairman: “This is a comprehensive Report addressing the broad scope of concerns that we wish to raise with the UK Government.” The Report is published as HC142, for £23:00. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0810, 03 Mar 08)

Roving Commission by Kel (John) Palmer iUniverse Books ISBN 978-0-595-39189-9. I have just finished John Palmer’s excellent book. Many of our readers will remember John in his Racal days promoting ASTOR in particular. This book is written from the heart and is certainly the first to give graphic details of MoD contract negotiations! Like all Mancuninas, John hols no prisoners, but he has been clever enough not to name his most despised colleagues and enemies, some of whom, if one is in the know, can be identified! A great read, well done John, we wish you and Rosemarie a very happy retirement.

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