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21 Dec 11. An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware: A Pocket Guide, by Victoria Loewengart. An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware is a comprehensive guide to the most recent and the more serious threats. Knowing about these threats will help you understand how to ensure that your computer systems are protected and that your business is safe, enabling you to focus on your core activities. In this pocket guide, the author: defines exactly what crimeware is – both intentional and unintentional – and gives specific, up-to-date examples to help you identify the risks and protect your business explores the increasing use of COTS tools as hacking tools, exposing the enemy’s tactics gives practical suggestions as to how you can fight back provides a valuable list of up-to-date, authoritative sources of information, so you can stay abreast of new developments and safeguard your business. Victoria Loewengart is a partner and co-founder of two organizations: AKOTA
Technologies (www.akotatech.com) and Technology and Business Insider
(www.insidertalk.net). She has more than 25 years’ experience in cyberspace development, management and exploration. For much of her career, Victoria has worked in support of military and intelligence agencies, which is where she became fascinated with all aspects of cybersecurity and intelligence technologies, and she has conducted extensive research in this area. This pocket guide will ensure that your business not only survives, but thrives!
Author: Victoria Loewengart
Publisher: IT Governance Publishing
ISBN: 9781849283298
Pages: 52
Format: eBook
Published date: 19 January 2012
Availability: Pre-order

20 Dec 11. Forecast International projects that defense departments throughout the world will spend about $4.25bn on 13 military airborne communications development and acquisition programs within the U.S. market over the next ten years. More specifically, this amount will be allocated for the development or procurement of airborne military communications systems or technology within the United States market.
In its annual “The Market for U.S. Military Airborne Communications Systems” analysis, Forecast International further projects that defense departments will procure 18,382 individual units from among eight airborne military communications systems that are covered in the report.
“Modernizing legacy communications equipment with the most current software-operated systems is the primary driver of current investment in the U.S. airborne communications systems market,” said Greg Giaquinto, Forecast International senior analyst. According to the analysis, the Joint Tactical Radio System program, the ARC-210 program, and the Fighter Tactical Data Link program will all have a major impact on the U.S. military airborne communications market in the coming decade. The JTRS program to produce a single standard software-operated radio for the U.S. armed services is currently in research and development. FI is projecting that the Pentagon will spend some $847.34m from FY11 to FY15 on research and development of the Airborne/Maritime/Fixed Station (AMF) Joint Tactical Radio System. The ARC-210 is an airborne military radio manufactured by Rockwell Collins that provides two-way voice and data communications. It is also software-operated. Among recent activity, in the summer of 2011, Rockwell Collins announced that it had received $25 million in orders from the U.S. Navy for ARC-210 Gen5 radios. Forecast International estimates that defense departments will purchase more than 11,300 ARC-210 radios in the coming decade. The U.S. Air Force’s Fighter Tactical Data Link R&D program seeks to provide critical capability and enhancements to tactical datalinks used on Air Force fighter aircraft. FI projects that the Air Force will spend about $113m on its Fighter Tactical Data

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