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03 Aug 10. European Defence Agency (EDA): Annual Report. The EDA published (3 Aug 10) its Annual Report 2009, which is the Agency’s first such Report despite five years of existence. The Agency’s ‘work strands’ include: a deployable laboratory to counter improvised explosive devices, a future transport helicopter and civil-military co-operation on unmanned air vehicles.
Comment: The EDA works on the basis of ‘variable geometry’ in that its 26 members (every EU nation except Denmark) can opt in and out of its projects as they wish. At this stage, the Report is only available online (www.eda.europa.eu). (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/31, 09 Aug 10)

09 Aug 10. Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/258cc3/u_s_armoured_vehi) has
announced the addition of the “U.S. Armoured Vehicles Market – Force Field Dynamics Analysis” report to their offering. Force Field analysis is a seemingly simplistic yet extremely critical management technique and a framework developed by Kurt Lewin, the famous U.S. psychologist, which is widely and successfully applied across a range of psychological, social & industrial contexts. The framework is used to identify, line-up & measure the significance & impact of various factors, parameters or forces on a particular subject, situation or a broader context and generates immensely useful insights into the overall dynamics of the situation; thus enabling the user to effectively take or form a basis for making a well-informed and fact based decision. The U.S. defense & aerospace industry is the largest in the world driven by America’s almost 50% share of the global defense outlay at a staggering $700bn as of 2010. The primary growth drivers for the industry during the first decade of the 21st century have been the 9/11 attacks followed by the subsequent, ongoing allied war on terror across Iraq & Afghanistan theatres. Armoured vehicles have been a cornerstone of the U.S. defense strategy beginning with the Hummer to the modern day Strykers and the specially developed MRAPs, MATVs as well as the upcoming JLTVs & FMTVs. The tactical deployment & effective utilization of MRAPs & MATVs across Iraq & Afghanistan for a range of operations has further bolstered the strategic significance of armoured vehicles in the overall portfolio. Thus, amid a rapidly changing & evolving industry landscape; this comprehensive
force-field analysis of the U.S. armoured vehicles market generates insights into the various key driving & restraining forces that are active and shaping the future of the same.
The report will provide: Identification of Key Forces that are Impacting the Armoured Vehicles Market; Comprehensive Analysis of Driving as well as Restraining Forces & their Potential Capability to Influence & Shape Future Growth Trajectory Analysis of Relative strengths of Driving & Restraining Forces across Time-span; Analysis of Overall Market Dynamics; Strategic Outlook for the U.S. Armoured Vehicles Market
The report will be useful for: Strategic planning & decision-making process; Analysis of overall market dynamics and assessment of potential impact across players; Identifying areas for making strategic as well as tactical changes; Mapping strategic orientation with the market forces to identify areas for potential strategic realignment; Establishing coherence between emerging outlook and company strategies. This force field analysis report is essential for key decision makers, strategic stakeholders, top management of companies, suppliers, vendors, current & potential investors, industry & company analysts & those associated with the industry. The report is comprehensive yet concise, built on the PowerPoint platform; thus enabling & ensuring prompt and informed decision making.
Key Topics Covered:
1. US Armoured Vehicles Market Overview
2. Force Field Dynamics Analysis
Driving Forces & Relative Strength Analysis
Restraining Forces & Relative Strength Analysis

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