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22 Jul 10. Space Primer: Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) Publication. The UK Military Space Primer, produced by the MoD’s DCDC was launched (22 Jul 10) at the Royal United Services Institute. Presented by the recently appointed Head of Air and Space at DCDC, the document is intended to “fill the void in UK military publications on the basic principles of Space”.
Comment: A preview of ‘The UK Military Space Primer’ was provided during a poorly attended press conference at the Farnborough Air Show. The publication, which can be downloaded from the DCDC website (www.mod.uk/dcdc) is valuable reading for military space novices. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/29, 26 Jul 09)

Jul 10. PEI-Genesis, the franchised connector-assembly specialist, has produced Version 4.1 of its ITT Cannon Connector Solutions Guide, containing nearly 300 pages of comprehensive technical information on 23 of ITT’s most popular series of connectors. An essential reference work for anyone involved in specifying multi-pin connectors, this new catalogue covers circular, rectangular and D-subminiature connectors for use in commercial, industrial, harsh-environment and military applications. A detailed description of each series is followed by a summary of applications and features, together with full technical specifications, photographs, dimensioned line diagrams, ordering information and assembly instructions. To help customers choose the correct product for their application, the catalogue includes a handy connector-series comparison chart, as well as a glossary of connector terminology, conversion tables and a complete part-number index.
Version 4.1 of the ITT Cannon Connector Solutions Guide can be obtained via the PEI-Genesis website, www.peigenesis.co.uk.

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