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19 Oct 10. FLIR Systems to discuss ICx acquisition. FLIR Systems will host its fourth annual “Corporate State of the Union” press breakfast during AUSA Annual 2010. For the first time, Bill Sundermeier, president FLIR Government Systems, will publicly discuss the recent ICx Technologies acquisition and its integration within FLIR Systems. The show will be the debut of the Star SAFIRE® HD SWIR sensor. This new sensor will allow for foliage penetration, detection of disturbed earth to determine IED placement and the ability to view covert SWIR laser – a new band of lasers not visible by traditional night vision technologies. The new Recon® BN series, the world’s first and only true thermal binoculars, will also be introduced by FLIR Systems during the show. With two thermal imaging cameras, one for each eye, the Recon binoculars provide an authentic binocular viewing experience, with a true depth-of-field capability.
* Other systems on display or available for demo at the booth including:
* Cerberus Tower with mounted Ranger® III
* Cobalt™ 90
* Cobalt™ 190
* Ranger® HRC X
* Talon™
* TacFLIR®
* ThermoVision® SA Family

19 Oct 10. Military communication specialist Esterline Racal Acoustics, is set to launch its new RA6000 PTT System at this years AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Today’s soldiers are challenged by the increasing adoption of communication equipment through all aspects of their missions, including personal radios, ground and air based intercoms and radio platforms, needing to continuously monitor and transmit on these multiple nets. Esterline Racal Acoustics has developed the advanced RA6000 PTT System, an ergonomically designed four channel Press-To-Talk (PTT) unit which provides simple connectivity to multiple communication sources. A convenient asset for mounted and dismounted operators alike, RA6000 allows the soldier to continuously monitor four communication channels simultaneously, typically two Soldier Radios, plus platform intercom and platform radio, and selectively transmit on them via four ergonomic and intuitive PTT buttons. With a choice of headset style to suit the mission profile, including Circumaural and In-the-ear types, and supporting Talk-Through (TT) and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology,
RA6000 delivers Enhanced Intelligibility, excellent Situational Awareness, and Hearing Protection against impulse (IED blast/weapons discharge) and continuous noise (vehicle/aircraft) on the battlefield.
Ideally suited for all commonly used soldier radio platforms, aircraft and vehicle intercom systems and platform radios, the RA6000 PTT System with its ergonomic design and advanced feature set, leads the way in providing comprehensive hearing protection and enables the soldier to simply and intuitively manage multiple communication sources.

19 Oct 10. BCB International LLC, a long established designer and manufacturer of quality innovative personal combat equipment will be showcasing an extensive range of high quality products in the UK pavilion, stand 2063. BCB products will be showcasing the Wall Breaching System (WBS), Exo Flex Body Armour and the Chilly Water Cooler. All products represent a cross-section of the categories of personal combat equipment currently in use with British and other NATO forces in Afghanistan, as well as with Special Forces teams around the globe. The WBS aims to safely minimise collateral damage and physical injury to captive personnel. It achieves this by utilizing standard aqualung compressed air by firing plastic bottles of water of different sizes. It’s variable firing range means that it is effective from as close as 3 metres (10ft) up to about 90 metres (300ft). As a result it increases operational capability by allowing forces entry via upper storeys and other points of entry such as through doors, ceilings and walls.
Andrew Howell, the Managing Director of BCB International states “ We are always pleased to have the

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